Sustainable Timber

At Woodwrights, we believe in using only sustainable hardwoods, including American Ash, American White Oak, New Zealand Heart Rimu and Southland Maple Beech. We are committed to minimalising the environmental footprint, and therefore only use timber harvested from sustainably managed forests.

American Ash

This lovely, figurative, American Hardwood is grown in the Appalachian Mountains on the East Coast of the United States. It is a ring porous hardwood and is fairly hard, heavy and very tough. It features a light coloured, nearly white sapwood and is part of the olive tree family. Through careful forest management, the United States is growing more hardwood each year than it harvests, assuring reliable, long term supplies of the finest hardwoods in the world. We have personally visited sawmills on the East Coast of the United States to carefully select our timber supply. At this time we also gathered valuable knowledge and expertise to successfully manufacture our outstanding hardwood furniture. Only A Grade timber is selected which we then handcraft in to lovely pieces of furniture. This timber accounts for around 50% of our production, due to its character of appearance and value for money.

American Oak

American Oak grows broadly across the eastern half of the United States. It is a ring porous species with a characteristic strong grain and rays. American Oak is known to be particularly durable due to its density, making it a great option for long lasting furniture. Only the highest quality American Oak is selected to be used in the handcrafting of our furniture. This accounts for around 20% of production, as a result of its aesthetic grain and durability.

Southland Beech

The remote Southern forests of New Zealand, rich in colour and a diverse and abundant habitat, provide us with an environmentally sustainable supply of Maple Beech. Traditionally this species has been referred to as Silver Beech in New Zealand. As Lindsay and Dixon’s supply is from second crop rotation forest with an average age of 75-80 years, the wood has a very consistent lighter colour, similar in appearance to American Maple. The timber has the desirable properties of fine even texture and characteristics of even wearing, good machining, turning and finishing qualities. This accounts for about 15% of our production, due to it being a New Zealand timber for discerning New Zealand customers.