Woodwrights is dedicated to hand-crafting quality, NZ made bespoke furniture delivered with an exceptional customer experience.

Because we make every piece of furniture to order, delivery takes slightly longer than 'off the shelf'' options carried by mainstream retailers. We allow 4-6 weeks to manufacture your lovely new furniture, however if you need your furniture in a week or two, by all means do give us a call. However, we believe all good things come to those who wait (only a few weeks).

To help you understand better, the effort that goes into making your new furniture, we thought we would share our 14-stage manufacturing process with you, shown below.

Stage 1

Once your order is confirmed, our CAD technician will draw your furniture items (if they are bespoke) and will send a copy of the drawings through to you for confirmation, including a CAD render which is a visual insight to how your new furniture will look.

Once you have confirmed this, he will then create the program to machine your furniture on our 5-Axis CNC machine.

Stage 2

A cutting list is generated and sent to the factory for commencement of our production. These cutting lists are entered twice weekly and your new furniture will be loaded depending on the current workload and when it was received, but usually within 2 weeks of order being placed.

Stage 3

Our docker will carefully select the timber to be used for your furniture and will cut this oversize, ready for it to be laminated together (For making a panel) or loaded onto our CNC machine. Every piece of timber that is laminated is moisture checked to ensure optimum strength once glued.

Stage 4

Componentry for your new furniture then is machined on our 5-Axis CNC machining center, using the latest technology to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of our highly skilled craftsmen.

Stage 5

All components are then sanded using various specialized sanding machines, to ensure a high standard of finish, and to ensure the polishing process will be silky smooth.

Stage 6

Components are then glued and dowels are inserted, ready for your new furniture to be assembled together. Our craftsmen are always paying attention to the detail, ensuring the correct amount of glue is applied to achieve optimum strength.

Stage 7

Your new furniture is assembled and components, moldings and legs/feet added, ready for the next step which is polishing. This includes a thorough inspection and fine sand of your furniture in the raw state, to ensure it is free of excess glue, and marks or bruises, ready for a high quality lacquer finish.

Stage 8

The 6-stage polishing process begins, with an initial coat of stain which is wiped off, followed by two coats of sealer, a fine sand to make the surface lovely and smooth and then two topcoats, with a very fine sand in between each coat. Our polisher will inspect the finished product before sending it to the final stage, to ensure it is free of any defects in the finish.

Stage 9

Your new furniture is now fitted up with hardware, including drawer runners, glass, handles, and is quality checked to ensure everything functions properly and looks great!

Stage 10

Once the quality checking is complete, your furniture is wrapped using export quality packaging to ensure it travels safe and arrives to you without any damage.

Stage 11

Your furniture is now ready for loading onto our specialist furniture carriers truck, using special protective furniture blankets and straps to secure it well for the journey ahead, to your home.

Stage 12

Once your furniture has left our factory, it usually takes 8 to 10 working days in transit as it often will get transshipped at the carriers depot, on a final truck that will deliver your new furniture to your home. We will keep you informed of progress throughout the manufacturing process and will provide an estimated day for delivery closer to the time. The carriers will call you to arrange a suitable time to deliver on that particular day.

Stage 13

Your new furniture is now your possession, and it is very important that you unwrap while the truck driver is still with you, to ensure that it has arrived free of any transit damage.

Stage 14

Once you have positioned your furniture, it is now ready for you to enjoy for years to come! To ensure you protect your investment, we strongly recommend you follow our care instructions which we provide you with. This will include regularly wiping it with a clean, damp soft cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain.

It is very important to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight or heat, if possible, and to protect the surface from any hard objects or liquids, using placements, coasters or a piece of toughened glass.