Bloop Coffee Table by Artisan Furniture

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08/11/2021 - 22/11/2021

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Sculptural design, hand-crafted to perfection.

The Bloop Coffee Table designed by European Designer Furniture Company Artisan Furniture defies the paradox of weight and weightlessness, a concept further accentuated by the table's leg placed off-centre. Its distinctive character is embodied in sculptural fluid transitions between interconnected parts, with soft-rounded edges and refined, constructive details. Customise with a range of premium timber and finish options available


- 350H or 450H x 400Dia, 450Dia, 500Dia, 600Dia or 700Dia

Timber options
- Timber base available in 6 different types of wood (oak, walnut, maple, elm, cherry and pear) with various natural finishes (oils and soaps)

- Organic oval shaped top

- Off-centre table leg connected to oval base