Cushion Fill Options

Do you prefer your sofa to have a more relaxed look or a formal look? We provide a range of cushion fill options to ensure you find the perfect level of comfort and support for your requirements. 

The Feather fibre wrapped seat and feather fibre back option offers a relaxed and soft lived in look that you can sink into. These cushions need regular plumping and fluffing up to keep their shape and evenness, but they provide a premium comfort like none other. 

The Foam seat and ergo fill back option provides a more formal and structured look. Dual laminated foam filling gives a structured look with crisp edges and a firm supportive feel. Ergo fill is a special 50/50 blend of premium quality foam with siliconised polyester fibre. This creates a feather and down look and feel, but with a much higher level of resilience and comfort.

The Foam seat and feather fibre back option provides the best of both worlds. The foam provides a firm and supportive seat base which makes it easy to enter/exit the sofa. The feather fibre back provides a plush, relaxed look which moulds around your body for optimum comfort.

Do you want to mix it up and create your own fill configuration? Contact us today to discuss cushion fill options. 


Feather Fibre Wrapped Seat and Feather Fibre Back

Foam Seat and Ergo Fill Back

Foam Seat and Feather Fibre Back