Design Tips To Create The Perfect Home Retreat

The Tasman House Project

It can often seem like an extremely daunting task to refresh interiors or make decisions on creating the perfect home.

  1. Do you have an existing home that needs a bit of a 21st century update?
  2. Do you have a new build but just don’t have a clue on what would look best in your space?
  3. Do you have a space that needs an injection of personality and style?

We recently completed an exciting project in collaboration with Lume Design on a stunning contemporary character home right here in Tasman. We caught up with the lovely Melissa from Lume Design who gave us a number of tips on how to create the perfect home retreat. Keep reading below to find out more about this project and different tips that you can implement into your own space to create a home that is not only magazine worthy but has that welcoming homely feel.

Marrying the old with the new

Do you have an older home that has years of character?

You can preserve this character by keeping traditional interior elements and blending it with modern design elements to achieve an elegant yet welcoming feel.

If you live in a home from an older era, you can incorporate some period pieces, but then add contemporary lighting, rugs, furniture and accessories to bring the interiors into the 21st century. This method is one of the easiest ways to produce an interior design scheme that looks as though it has evolved over many years.

This is exactly what Lume Design did in the interiors of the Tasman House. The clients wished for a complete renovation that would brighten the interiors by bringing modern and traditional interior design elements together to achieve a homely, lived in feel. The entryway and main hallways featured stunning traditional wainscoting panelling on the walls which gave the house a sense of opulence and history. This was contrasted by the choice of a neutral modern colour palette and contemporary custom designed furniture pieces, such as our Cambridge Table in Black Ash finish or custom sideboard in Black Ash finish with a sleek black metal powder coated base.

Layering Tactile Finishes

When it comes to creating exciting interiors, texture is key. It’s a sure-fire way to add warmth, depth and character to your home and can be alternated according to the season. Light linens and raffia are ideal for those warmer Summer months, while velvet and wool lend themselves to the cooler time of year.

The guest rooms of the Tasman house are a prime example of layering tactile finishes to create a welcoming, luxurious room. To achieve this look, a stunning shade of duck egg blue was used on the walls to create a sense of serenity and peacefulness. Soft grey and white contrasting tones on the curtains add depth to the space and create a unique layered look. A variety of floral pattern and plain crisp whites on the cushion accessorizing provide a sense of opulence and homeliness. To add some depth to the space, luxurious deep blue velvet was used on the upholstered headboards to create a focal point which your eye is immediately drawn to as you enter the room. These upholstered headboards were complemented by the contemporary aesthetic of the furnishings in a modern black Ash finish.

Sometimes using a combination of materials can really make your interiors stand out. Rather than selecting a furniture piece that just uses one material, why not select one that has multiple different materials for a unique look. A great example is combining a metal powder coated base with a traditional solid timber body on our Franklin Sideboard for a style that combines traditional design with a modern edge. Another great example is combining a sleek stone top with a solid timber base on our Cresta Side Table.

At Woodwrights, you are able to customise your furniture finishes and fabrics to create the perfect finish for your home. Whether you are after a specific fabric for your Upholstered headboard or wanting a special type of stone top for your Coffee Table – there are so many possibilities to customise your tactile finishes at Woodwrights, giving you that unique edge. Just talk to our friendly team who are always more than happy to help you come up with your dream furniture pieces.

Accessorising to add personality.

It is all in how you accessorise which turns a house into a home. Dressing a room with well-chosen accessories will set the tone of that space and is the best way to display your personality.

Being close to nature adds a sense of serenity and happiness. Adding plants and flowers to a room is a great and cost-effective way to create a sense of life and energy. Don’t be put off by the fear of killing everything off within weeks. Plants are living objects that do require maintenance but there are many varieties that are low maintenance and require very minimal TLC. Or if plants really are not your thing, there are hundreds of super realistic artificial plants that give you the look of a living plant but without all the hassle and care. Melissa used a variety of seasonal bunches of blooms in each room and artificial, yet super realistic fiddle trees in the family room, which injected a sense of life and nature. At Woodwrights, we only believe in using 100% sustainable, natural Solid American Oak and Ash. Nothing speaks of quality more than a piece of furniture that has been meticulously handcrafted using only the highest quality timber to last the test of time. The unique and organic grain of our furniture pieces are complemented by the addition of plants and greenery to create a space that is calming and connected to nature.

Lighting is another important part of successful home styling.

  1. Firstly, consider the purpose of each room – do you want to create a tranquil and relaxing retreat?
  2. Or is this space designed for the daily wear and tear of life. Candles work well in every room. Not only do they give off a nice scent, but they also add a gentle glow when an artificial light source would be too harsh.
  3. Lamps and pendant lighting are also a great way to inject personality.

One style does not suit all for each room when it comes to selecting the lighting design. For the kitchen, you may opt for something a bit lighter and not too heavy looking, whereas in a moody space such as a formal dining room you may opt for something slightly grander – more of a feature piece. Lume Design selected stunning ribbed glass pendants for the kitchen of the Tasman House. These pendants complimented the traditional ‘farmhouse’ style of the kitchen while keeping a modern edge with the straight lines and ribbed glass detailing. In contrast, Lume Design opted for large drum pendants with a natural linen cover for the formal dining room which gave it a more luxurious, opulent feel.

Selecting the right finish for your furniture is another key element which can significantly impact the mood and effect that the lighting has on the ambience on the room. If you are after a more open, welcoming natural look, selecting timbers such as Blonde Oak, Clear Oak, Clear Ash and Whitewash Ash for your dining room table and chairs are the perfect choice. The light finish on the timber allows the light to bounce off the surfaces, brightening up the entire space and giving it a refreshing, open feel. If you are wanting your room to have a more intimate, secluded feel, timbers such as Black Ash, Charcoal Ash, Dark Oak and Grey Wash Oak are the perfect choice for your dining room furniture. These darker, richer tones absorb the light which gives the room a more moody and dimly lit feel.

Throws, cushions, rugs and curtains are all great ways to add warmth to a space.

Choose colours and patterns that compliment – but don’t necessarily match the colour scheme and theme of the room. Fabrics are a great opportunity for you to add personality to your home, by selecting a style with personal significance to you. Lume Design carefully selected a range of patterned and plain textiles which complemented each space. From a classic pin stripe on the lounge curtains to a stylish olive-green leather on the arm chairs, textiles were used to give each space their own identity and story.

You can also bring warmth into your space through selecting the right timbers and finishes for your furniture pieces. At Woodwrights we have a wide range of American Ash and American Oak timbers in a variety of different finishes. We have a range of lighter finishes such as Clear Oak, Blonde Oak, Clear Ash, Blonde Ash and White Ash for a more Scandinavian look. We also have an expansive range of darker finishes such as Milano Walnut Ash, Dark Oak Ash, Black Ash, Dark Oak, Grey Wash Oak and Chocolate Oak – (just to name a few!) for a timeless, contemporary look.

We offer mini timber samples in all of our finishes so if you are unsure about how your furniture will look in the intended environment you can order timber samples in any finish you like which we will then send to you via courier so you can check how the finish will look in your environment. If you have no idea of what specific colour you are after, we also offer timber sample kits which provide you with our full range of timber finishes. If none of our colours suit the look you are after or if you have a specific existing furniture item you would like to match to, we can help! We offer colour matching services which means we can create a completely custom stain colour just for you, working with you to create the perfect stain finish to match your existing furniture, so it fits into your space perfectly.

Art is a very personal choice.

Hanging pictures on your walls allows you to express your tastes, personality, and style. Artwork is a quick way to add vibrancy and life to an otherwise bland space. It is also easy and can be cost effective to regularly change out artwork, so you can completely transform your room without needing to redecorate. Mirrors and personal memoirs/photographs can also work well alongside art to give meaning to your space. Lume Design opted for artwork which complemented the style and history of each room, rather than something that was too overpowering. From simple botanical paintings in the dining space to traditional animal prints in the lounge, each art piece was thoughtfully considered.

Maybe you have a stunning art piece that needs to be ‘highlighted’ by the perfect piece of furniture. We can work with you to create your perfect furniture piece that will make your artwork ‘pop’. From a modern upholstered bench seat beneath a contemporary art piece to a stylish rattan insert sideboard beneath a gorgeous woven art hanging – we can create almost anything you dream of to help you create your dream interior space. Maybe you have a specific colour in your artwork that you want to be complemented by in the finish of the furniture. For example, a modern painting with flecks of gold could be complemented by a gold powder coated metal base and handles on a sideboard. Or maybe you have a colourful painting with pops of pastel pink that you could complement by selecting a gorgeous dusky pink velvet on an upholstered bench seat. There are so many ways you can customise furniture to enhance the appeal of your interiors.

Through implementing a few of these design tips and methods into your home space, you will be able to transform your house into a gorgeous home you enjoy coming back to each day.



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