Woodwrights NZ Made Designer Furniture and Customisation

25 Jul 2018

Here at Woodwrights, we don’t just make a piece of furniture. We uniquely design and craft every piece, each having its own personal design story. From architecture to nature, we use our surroundings and the wider world to create unique and inspiring designs, resulting in high quality designer furniture that will last for generations to come.

To give you an insight into the creative ‘engine’ of our business and what inspires us to craft our New Zealand made designer furniture, here is what inspires Woodwrights to create the furniture we do.

Nowadays there is such a vast range of furniture available to purchase, both from retail and online. But how many pieces do you see that inspire you? That tell a unique story?

Furniture design speaks a universal language – a language which brings people together from different cultures, all of whom are inspired by the beauty and form of a beautiful piece of furniture.

As humans, we naturally respond to the beauty of nature. A form inspired by the raw, untamed beauty that the environment around us offers. That is why we like to use only the most premium, sustainable timbers – timbers which have character and get even more beautiful as they age. We design our furniture in such a way that it enables the natural beauty and certain ruggedness of the timber to shine through. The timber finishes we use here at Woodwrights are of a premium quality and allow the natural colour of the timber to be the star of the show. Why hide all the natural imperfections and patterns of timber when you can create a beautiful statement piece with them? If the natural wood look is not what you are after, we can also custom the finish to a number of different colours. We apply these in such a manner that the timber grain and quality is still visible.

If we stop to take a second to look at our surroundings, there are endless pockets of design inspiration that can be found. From the house across the road, a local café, the awe-inspiring sky scrapers that line the horizon, even derelict buildings that are long forgotten. Design inspiration doesn’t just come from searching the web for ‘top 50 design inspirations’ or reading design magazines, but rather from the world outside the walls surrounding your office.

As we live in a small, scenic town at the top of the South Island, there is no such thing as a skyscraper. The clock tower down the road does not count! This is why we have more of a global outlook to design, looking to destinations such as New York City and Denmark for design inspiration.

Scandinavian design is one of our trending forms of design inspiration. Simple silhouettes, clean lines and an emphasis on natural materials is one of the reasons why Scandinavian design is such a big inspiration. This is particularly evident in the Dom and Apt Woodwrights furniture collections. The Dom furniture collection combines the best of minimalist design, functionality and quality while still being super stylish. Think natural features, neutral tones and a sophisticated design – this is exactly what our Dom range delivers. The Apt furniture collection also exudes a modern, contemporary design while still being fully functional. The natural finishes and style allow the beauty of the timber in its natural state to shine through.

There are many other global destinations which inspire our furniture designs. The traditional charm of Regal American design played a big source of inspiration in our Dawson Furniture Collection. Inspired by the grandness and detail of Regal American design. This collection delivers on functionality as well as style with its exquisite detailing, panelling and finishes. It exudes a timeless and charming feel – guaranteed to add a wow factor to any space.

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of designer furniture for your home and cannot find what you’re after, we are also proudly inspired by our clients’ needs and are more than happy to speak with you about your furniture requirements as we can customise our New Zealand Made furniture to your brief.



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