Why choose New Zealand made?

11 Jan 2019

Are you tired of:

  • Poor quality furniture?
  • Limited customisation to meet your needs?
  • Waiting months for your delivery?

All these factors are a common frustration that we face on a daily basis when trying to buy high end furniture from overseas.

This is why over half of New Zealanders prefer to purchase New Zealand made products.

The ‘Made in New Zealand’ identifier is something that we here at Woodwrights, are honoured to display. Not only do we proudly design all our furniture in sunny Motueka at the top of the South Island New Zealand, it is also hand crafted here too. 

All of our furniture is 100% New Zealand made, using quality workmanship to create bespoke pieces of high quality solid timber furniture. But it doesn’t stop there. Woodwrights offers a quality experience from start to finish. From the commencement of your project we will work with you to understand your brief and interior design needs. From there we will present you beautiful product imagery that fits your requirements, customise where need be and provide full transparency around project time and costs. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to meet your needs and provide you with furniture that you are proud to come home to. It is this level of high quality customisation and premium service that sets us apart from the rest.

We understand a lot of time and effort goes into your interior décor and for this very reason, with each and every purchase we offer you a lifetime warranty. With being 100% New Zealand owned and operated, here at Woodwrights we are only a phone call away.

We appreciate that discerning clients want something stylish that fits seamlessly with their design vision. Whether it be an idea from the latest design magazine, from Pinterest or Instagram, we can bring your vision to life with our unique offering; supporting you to create that environment that you are delighted to share with generations to come.

So often, quality and sustainability is compromised for style. With our New Zealand made furniture, we offer premium timber and finishes. We believe in only using sustainable hardwoods, including American Ash, American White Oak, New Zealand Heart Rimu and Southland Maple Beech. We are committed to minimalizing the environmental footprint, therefore only source timber harvested from sustainably managed forests which are FSC Certified. Partnered with the hardiest of timbers, at Woodwrights we deliver boutique, elegant furniture bringing your ideas to life. 

Quality service. Quality products. Quality customer experience. We’re here to serve you.



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