What To Look For When Purchasing Living Room Furniture

21 Nov 2019

The living room is one of the most important rooms to consider when furnishing your home. This is where of quality time is spent with family and friends, so it is important to design the area with functionality, comfort and your own personal style in mind. Without the right living room furniture, the space is not complete. There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing living room furniture, this is why we have put together a list of pointers and tips to make your decision easier.

1. What size furniture do I need for my living room space?

Every living room space is different, varying in size and shape which means the size of the furniture people often need is different too. It is important that the right furniture is selected to ensure the space doesn’t look too crowded or cluttered. When living areas are especially large, it is important to make sure the furniture is not lost in the room either. We offer a large selection of furniture from small to large pieces, all of which are custom made to order. This is a great benefit to you, as you can ask for the dimensions to be altered to meet your exact needs. The style of the furniture you select can either help create the illusion of more space or vice versa. Using coffee tables or side tables for example with metal powder coated bases can give the illusion of more space as the thin base is not as chunky as a solid timber base, allowing more light to flow through. We offer many living room side tables and coffee tables with metal bases such as the Gibbston Over Table, Hayes Coffee Table and Odette Side Table to name a few – there is a style guaranteed to suit everyone!

2. Do I require any multi-purpose furniture pieces, like a modular lounge suite?

Having a lounge suite that is multi-functional may be the solution you've been searching for. The Ara Modular Sofa with Fixed Coffee Table (featured above), speaks of chic relaxed luxury. Perfect a place to relax in the sun with a glass of wine; it also doubles as a day bed; as a space for guests to sleep; or as a plush place to escape to, to enjoy your favourite show with your loved one. This modular lounge suite has many benefits. By separating the chaise from the three seater, a great social space is created for you enjoy special moments with your family and guests.

We don’t just offer multi-purpose furniture in the form of sofas; we also have other multi-functional pieces such as the Lino Desk. This stylish, streamlined desk can be used as the perfect work-from-home station, with a hinging lid to store papers and all those other messy items which take up space. Then when you are not working, this desk can be used as a place to display accessories and other valuables, doubling as a refined, contemporary console table. 

3. Does my furniture come with a lifetime guarantee?

The living room is a space which gets regularly used by a number of people, resulting in a high amount of wear and tear. Therefore, an important factor to consider when you are purchasing high-end solid timber living room furniture, is if it comes with a lifetime guarantee. A lifetime guarantee gives you the peace of mind that if anything were to occur with the construction of the furniture, support is only a phone call away. All of our solid timber furniture here at Woodwrights is sold with a lifetime guarantee. This reinforces the fact that when you invest in our premium quality, hand crafted furniture pieces, you are investing in a bespoke piece which will stand the test of time, delighting generations to come.

4. What style furniture suits my décor best?

Every living room has a different style, depending on the era of the house, personal taste and what works in best with the interior scheme. We offer a wide range of living room furniture which has a style suited for every space. Maybe your décor is modern and edgy, and you are looking for a furniture piece which is minimal and clean lined such as the Ludo Console Table. The Ludo Console Table delivers a functional simplistic design to your living space. With a luxurious powder coated metal base and a solid timber top, this table is the perfect feature piece for any modern living space. Other modern living room furniture pieces include the Frost Console Table, Capri Sideboard, Dom Range, Lume 2 Door 2 Drawer Sideboard and more!

Maybe you live in a more traditional home and you are looking for a furniture piece with more of a classic elegance, such as the Parklane 2 Drawer Console Table. Offering traditional detailing and timeless charm, the Parklane Console Table exudes character and class. Not only does this heirloom piece deliver on style, it is also functional. Use as a place to display and store family treasures and other sentimental items. Other traditional living room pieces include Trinity Open Shelf Side Table, Darfield Bookcase, Regency 4 Door 4 Drawer Sideboard, Chateau Coffee Table to name a few. With our extensive collection of designer New Zealand crafted furniture, you are guaranteed to find the perfect style for you.

5. Can I have a custom furniture piece made, like an entertainment unit to fit my space?

If you didn’t already know, at Woodwrights we can custom make any furniture piece to meet your specific requirements. Maybe you are after an entertainment unit such as the Dom Entertainment Unit, but it is slightly too large for your space. This is not a problem! We can customise your furniture to be shorter, narrower, deeper, taller or longer - to ensure it will fit your space perfectly. Or maybe you want a design made which is completely unique to anything else on our website. Simply send us your ideas or sketches and we will collaborate with you to bring your furniture vision to life and create a living room furniture piece which is completely customised and bespoke for you.

6. What is my furniture constructed from?

Living room furniture can be constructed from all kinds of materials ranging from veneers to solid high quality hardwood timbers, to powder coated metals, glass, marble or stone. It is important to know what your furniture is constructed from and the quality of the materials, as this has a huge impact on the life of the product and how well it will last. At Woodwrights, we believe in constructing our furniture from sustainably sourced solid American Ash or American Oak. This solid timber is sturdy and long-lasting, ensuring your living room furniture will last for generations to come. The natural state of solid timber also means every piece of furniture will have a unique grain pattern and natural imperfections, making each furniture piece unique. As the demand for edgy furniture gained traction, we diversified the range of premium materials we work with. This ensures we're always equipped to meet the unique needs of our discerning clients. We offer a range of Caesar Stone table tops with colourways from moody dark tones such as Vanilla Noir to light refreshing shades like the Calacatta Nuvo. We also craft fine furniture with powder-coated metal bases in a range of colour finishes such as Titan Gold, Flat White and Matt Black. Using the combination of these materials provides a unique point of difference for those of you looking for something a bit more special than a standard furniture piece.

7. Does the upholstery on my sofa match my requirements from an aesthetic, comfort and durability perspective?

When selecting the upholstery for a sofa, it is important to ensure the fabric looks aesthetically pleasing and works in well with the surrounding décor. It is also crucial to ensure the sofa meets your comfort needs and has the correct ergonomics. When it comes to selecting the fabric for your sofa, the options are endless! We work in with premium fabric houses such as James Dunlop, Warwick Fabrics and Textilia to bring you fabrics which are of a high quality and come in a versatile range of styles, patterns and colours, so you can find the perfect fabric for your sofa.

Whether you're searching for a real feature piece and are looking for a print that is bold and outrageous to create a real ‘wow’ factor, or have a space which exudes modern minimalism and are wanting a fabric with muted tones, such as a linen. You can select any fabric you desire and we can create you your very own bespoke sofa.

We understand that everyone has different requirements when it comes to the comfort of their couch. Some like a firm sofa, others prefer a combination of soft and firm cushions and some love a very soft and plush place to relax. This is why we offer a range of fill options from dual laminated foams to feather and fibre wraps. Each option offers different benefits so you can find the perfect comfort level that you desire. 

Now we have shared a few of the key pointers involved when purchasing your living room furniture, we hope the selection process when choosing your furniture should be easier. Please let us know if you have any queries, as we are here to assist you – hello@woodwrights.co.nz 



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