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13 May 2020

Purchasing NZ Made Furniture that is customisable, sustainable and reasonably priced can often be a challenge. As our needs become more specific, we understand that it can be difficult to find that perfect piece of custom furniture from ‘off the shelf’ that ticks all your boxes. This is why here at Woodwrights we are dedicated furniture and cabinet makers who take pride in handcrafting custom NZ made furniture. Our custom furniture services enable us to alter the dimensions, timber and finishes of any of our furniture items on our website to meet your exact needs and specifications, all with an efficient lead time, affordable pricing and superior customer service.

The benefits you gain from choosing custom furniture

Have you seen an item of NZ made furniture on our website that you love but it just isn’t quite the right size. Maybe it is too wide, too shallow, too high, too small, not enough drawers. We can tweak existing products to match your exact dimensions and requirements to enable you to get that dream piece of furniture you desire. Customisation is endless with us here at Woodwrights.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic custom desks have become extremely popular. We handcraft custom desks to meet your requirements. Whether it be a custom desk with extra storage, a custom desk with a hinging lid, a custom desk with a powder coated metal base, the options to customise are endless. We don’t just provide custom desks, we provide a large range of custom wood furniture such as custom bookshelves. Custom bookshelves have also become noticeably increasingly popular. As more people set up home offices, custom bookshelves are a product in high demand as they are a great way to store office files and documents to prevent clutter and disarray. Purchasing custom wood furniture from Woodwrights comes with numerous benefits. Let us explain just a few of these to you below.

Through designing bespoke furniture we bring your vision to life

Maybe you are after an oak dining table with a round top and a funky pedestal base or an NZ made sofa with specific cushion fill options for ultimate comfort and style, and just can’t quite find a furniture piece that ticks all those boxes. At Woodwrights, we have a team of skilled inhouse designers and CAD renderers who are able to work with you to bring your furniture vision to life. From the initial conversation discussing your bespoke requirements, we then draw up a detailed sketch with dimensions and specific features. This is then taken to our CAD designer who programs this using state of the art CAD technology to bring your sketch of your bespoke furniture piece to life, from the paper to a 3D realistic render. From here, we send you these renders of your bespoke furniture and refine the design further, if required, based on your feedback. This ensures your furniture perfectly meets your vision before going to the next step. From the initial design to the final prototype, we are with you every step of the way giving you that one on one attention, making you feel as though you are part of our team. We include you in the journey.

Quality workmanship is guaranteed from our Cabinet Makers and Furniture Makers, based in Motueka.

When you invest in your NZ made furniture from Woodwrights, you are investing in a custom or a bespoke furniture piece which offers superior quality and a lifetime guarantee. This is because our skilled team of furniture makers and cabinet makers take the highest level of pride in crafting each piece of NZ made furniture. From an oak dining table to a modular NZ made sofa, we ensure you get the quality you deserve. Every step of the journey is carefully considered to ensure that whatever we do, say or use, adds value to our furniture pieces. Our furniture makers and designers will help you select from our quality range of sustainably sourced hardwood timbers, which include American Oak, American Ash and American Maple. From helping you select the timber or other furniture construction material, to the hardware and packaging, every detail is carefully considered. We believe the difference is in the detail, so when you purchase your NZ made furniture from us you aren’t just purchasing a standard furniture item, you are investing in a custom made or bespoke heirloom furniture piece which will last to delight generations.

The structural benefits of Woodwrights Furniture

When purchasing your furniture item it is important to consider the structural benefits and how that product has been crafted to ensure it will be long lasting and durable throughout daily wear and tear. So often standard ‘off the shelf’ furniture may look aesthetically pleasing but the quality of the materials used and the structural methods are cheaply done, resulting in a product that looks ok or even great, but does not last to stand the test of time. Here at Woodwrights we craft every custom furniture piece using tried and tester furniture maker methods that will last to stand the test of time. An example is dovetail joints in all of our cabinetry items. Our cabinet makers only use dovetail joints, because these finger-like joints between two pieces of wood enable a tight, strong and long lasting fit. Out of all joints, dovetail is the strongest due to the large gluing area and interlocking which creates a bond that is impossible to pull apart. This furniture craftsmanship method also looks aesthetically pleasing, which is an added and very important bonus.

The Benefits of NZ made furniture and supporting Local

Supporting local comes with a number of benefits. These include

1. The ability you have to customise your furniture or have full bespoke furniture pieces designed to meet your exact requirements.

2. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to ensure you support the local economy to help with employment. Supporting local is supporting our country and future generations to come.

3. Worker health and safety is also extremely important. By supporting local companies you can almost always be assured that the safety of their employees is paramount and they are working in conditions which meet national standards.

All of the above compounding factors mean that when you shop local with Woodwrights you:

 1. Can benefit from choosing to have a custom furniture piece made that complements your space perfectly. Have your furniture vision brought to life with a 100% personal and bespoke furniture piece

 2. Receive quality workmanship, which is guaranteed from our Cabinet Makers and Furniture Makers, based in Motueka.

 3. Benefit from structurally sound NZ made furniture that will last for generations to come

 4. Help the NZ economy and future generations to come

 Support local, benefit from quality custom furniture



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