How To Select Your Perfect Dining Table

12 Nov 2019

A dining table is one of the most important furniture purchases you will make for your home! Your dining table is many things -a place for dinners, lazy brunches, breakfast and family lunches. It is also a place to do homework, puzzles, newspaper gazing, not to forget a place to relax with your favourite drink. It is a vital centrepiece for your home and when selected to perfectly into your space and complement your personal style provides a visual anchor in your room. 

Often selecting the perfect dining table for your space can be extremely daunting. This is why we are here to give you a number of tips to make this decision an easy one for you.

Below are four things to ask yourself when shopping for a dining table:

1. Does the dining table come with a lifetime guarantee?

Dining tables are an item which receive a high amount of wear and tear due to regular use. Therefore, an important factor to consider is if you are purchasing a high quality table that comes with a lifetime guarantee. A lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind that if anything were to occur with the construction of the table, support is only a phone call away. As with all our solid timber furniture here at Woodwrights, our dining tables come with a lifetime guarantee. This reinforces the fact that when you invest in our bespoke crafted furniture pieces, you are investing in premium quality and an heirloom piece that will last delighting generations to come. Should there be any unexpected issue, we will resolve it free of charge. This covers any manufacturing faults. 

2. Is the wooden dining table, a solid ash or oak dining table or made from an oak veneer?

When it comes to the materials and finishes for a dining table, there are endless options. One of the biggest factors to look for when purchasing a timber dining table is whether it is constructed from a solid ash or oak timber, or from an oak or other timber veneer. The choice of timber is vital as it determines the overall quality and longevity of your dining table. An oak veneer, for example is a thin, decorative piece of oak wood that is glued to a solid core. The downside of selecting a veneer is the fact it can often look artificial as it does not have the natural beauty of beautiful solid timber. Depending on the size of veneer and the methods used to attach each panel to the base material, thin veneer can splinter easily while poorly applied veneer can come off altogether, exposing the base material. On the other hand, a solid ash or oak timber dining table is a lot sturdier and long lasting, providing a better-quality overall look for a longer period of time. Due to its natural state, every piece of furniture has a different unique grain pattern and natural imperfections, making each dining table a work of art in itself. One of the biggest factors, however, is the practicality of solid timber. Scratches, dents, water marks, stains are all repairable with solid timber furniture. Just a quick sand back and polish up and we can have your dining table looking good as new again!

3. Do I need an extending dining table to host guests?

As houses become more minimalistic in their styling and on occasion rooms become smaller, your everyday dining table when guests are over, may suddenly become too small when hosting your friends and family. The average sized dining table is  designed for up to 6-8 people. However, maybe you come from a household that enjoys regularly entertaining or hosting guests for dinner parties and get togethers. One small problem – many non-extending dining tables will not be able to fit all your guests. This is why we have created the perfect solution for you. At Woodwrights we offer extending dining tables such as the Cindy Extension Dining Table or the Dom Extension Dining Table. With these tables you can close them to save space when you are not entertaining. You can add in the extension leaves to create more seating space when your guests come over. These are stored underneath the table, maximizing functionality and storage space. The alternative to an extendable table is to ask for a larger custom size to be made, which is a service we also offer for each Dining Table featured on our website.

4. What shape dining table do I chose?

The shape of your dining table is greatly dictated by the room it is going to be placed in. In most common dining areas, a rectangular dining table is usually the preferred option as most dining spaces tend to be rectangular in shape and this combination provides soothing visual symmetry and clean lines. We have a large range of styles that come with our rectangular dining tables at Woodwrights. From a more modern design such as the Frankie Dining Table to a more classic design such as the Parklane Dining Table – there is a guaranteed option for every style. A rectangular dining table is a great choice if entertaining is your thing as they can easily have a chair or two added to them to accommodate larger groups of guests. 

Round or oval tables are also a popular choice for those more relaxed and intimate gatherings. There is no “head” of the table and they offer a more informal approach to dining. These styles also help provide a smooth flow of traffic through the space, making them ideal for those more compact dining rooms where space is limited. We offer a wide range of round tables, from the designer Stalk Pedestal Table to our beautiful architectural Pavillion Dining Table. 

Square tables are generally reserved for use in large open spaces as they can often take up a large area of space. If you do consider a smaller square option, keep in mind you will likely not be able to push in all the dining chairs (depending on their size) at once. The result of this is the need for extra space surrounding the square table, to sit the dining chairs slightly out from the table. We offer a select range of square dining tables from our funky Cooper Square Dining Table or a more timeless design like our Cindy Dining Table. 
We can also custom make any style dining table, to complement your decor! Maybe you have a vision or design inspiration that you have seen on Pinterest or in a Design Magazine. Send it through to us and one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to assist you in bringing your vision to life in a personalized design to suit your exact requirements.
We hope you are now more enlightened as to the key factors involved when purchasing your dining table. At Woodwrights we care for our customers and there is nothing more satisfying for us than you receiving your dream piece of furniture. With these tips up your sleeve, that dream is guaranteed to become a reality.



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