Features and Benefits of Woodwrights Wooden Tables

Custom Made in NZ

18 May 2020

Are you in search of handcrafted wooden furniture that is New Zealand made and crafted from sustainably sourced wood?

We understand that when it comes to purchasing furniture, it is not just a 5 minute decision. Maybe you are after a wooden table but unsure of what features and benefits you require…

At Woodwrights we offer a range of wooden table products which can be constructed from wood or composite options, such as powder coated metal and glass. Maybe you are after a quirky coffee table which features a wooden top but has a sleek powder coated metal base design, maybe you want a wooden base with a glass top for a more delicate look. Or maybe you want a classic solid oak dining table for a timeless look. There are so many ways you can customise your wooden table to make it stand out from any other wooden table.

There are so many factors that come with purchasing a piece of wooden furniture so we have created a series of blogs on why you should invest in custom NZ made wooden furniture and the features and benefits we provide that set us apart from any other furniture retailer.

1. Wooden Tables – Veneer VS Solid Wood – Which is best and why:

There are so many wooden tables out there on the market that you may think look the same and have the same purpose, but what makes a premium quality wooden table rather than a standard quality one is the construction method and materials utilized.

Many companies resort to using veneer which is a much cheaper alternative to solid timber. It may have a similar look but many don’t wear as well and also have a much shorter life span which means the table has a shorter warranty.

Veneers can also look plastic and unappealing. Here at Woodwrights we have a strong connection to our environment by ensuring our methods are environmentally friendly and the materials we source are from sustainable sources. This is why we believe in only sourcing sustainable hardwoods, including American Ash, American White Oak and American Maple for the construction of our wooden tables and other wooden furniture.

Each of the forests from which we source our wood, have been FSC certified. This is a certification that shows the forest managers and owners are managing their forests in a responsible and sustainable manner. This results in wood which is durable and hard wearing, lasting to delight generations.

Solid wooden tables come with many advantages. If scratched or chipped, they can easily be repaired by sanding back and re-staining resulting in a wooden table that looks good as new! With veneer, if the table is scratched or chipped it cannot be repaired.

Most importantly, each wooden table or wooden furniture piece comes with its own unique identity due to the unique natural grain patterns which vary in every log which is grown. Veneer however looks manufactured and fake as it is created through production, not a natural growing process.

Not only do we believe in using sustainable solid timber but we also offer a unique customisation service where we have the ability to fully customise sizes, widths, depths and heights depending on the requirements of the user. Maybe you want a narrower width to allow the table to fit into a smaller space or maybe you have a disabled member in your family who needs a lower table height to be able to easily access the table with their wheelchair. There are many ways you can customise your wooden table to ensure it fits seamlessly into your space.

Every piece of solid wooden furniture sold by Woodwrights is given a LIFETIME GUARANTEE too. 

2. Wooden Coffee Tables – Off the shelf of custom made to suit your home

Like all wooden furniture items here at Woodwrights, our Wooden Coffee Tables are also made using sustainably sourced solid timber, which has the numerous benefits mentioned above.

Our wooden coffee tables are unique from others, as like with all of our furniture, they can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Maybe you want a coffee table with storage space beneath it such as an extra drawer so you can hide away the remotes and magazines when not in use. Or when you have those board game nights with your family and friends, the games can easily be packed away beneath the table for tidy and practical storage.

Or maybe you are wanting a wooden coffee table duet with a wooden over table and an upholstered ottoman with a wooden base nestled below which can double as a table and a comfortable foot rest.

The options to customise your wooden coffee table are endless.

3. Wooden Dining Tables and Wooden Bench Seats – Crafted to your dimensions to complement your home and requirements perfectly – or forced to fit into your home?

When purchasing a wooden dining table or wooden bench seat online or from an importer, the ability to customise isn’t there, meaning you can’t personalize it to meet your exact needs.

At Woodwrights we custom make wooden dining tables and wooden bench seats in order to meet your needs and create furniture which exceeds your expectations. Customisation of your wooden dining table doesn’t just end with selecting the timber and finish. You can also customise the width, depth and height of your wooden dining table. We take your specific needs into consideration to ensure that we create a dining table which is going to fit perfectly into your space and cater for you and your family and friends.

Maybe you have a family member or friend who is in a wheelchair and cannot sit at a standard dining table as it is too high to reach. We can alter the height of the table so that they are able to easily access and sit at the table with everyone else, making them feel included and at ease.

Or maybe you are working from home and want a dining table which can convert into a desk as you are limited on space. We can provide extendable dining tables so you can extend your table to cater for more guests or take out the leaves and shrink your table into an office desk so you can work without feeling like you are swamped by a massive table. We also provide wooden bench seats to match your wooden dining table.

Wooden bench seats are a great way to seat a number of guests comfortably which takes up much less room than bulky dining chairs and also provides a sleek and streamline design. You can customise your wooden bench seat to suit your exact design style. Maybe you want a traditional timber flared base for a classic farmhouse look or maybe you want a wooden bench seat featuring a wooden top and sleek powder coated metal base for an upmarket modern look. The options to customise the style, shape, height, width, depth and materials of your wooden bench seat are limitless.          

4. Oak Dining Tables – Solid hardwood, or soft wood – what’s the better durable choice?

A particularly popular wooden dining table product are our Oak Dining Tables, oak is a ‘hard wood’ that we source sustainably (as outlined above). Oak Dining Tables come with numerous benefits compared to a dining table that is constructed from cheaper, less hardy materials such as pine. Radiata Pine is a rapid growing tree which is considered to take over the native ecosystem and destroy other plants and species due to its fast growing nature.

Because it is so rapid growing, the structure of pine is a ‘soft wood’ and is a lot weaker than Oak timber as it has a low density. This means pine is more susceptible to denting and scratches, resulting in products which are not durable and have a much shorter lifespan than oak products such as the Oak dining table.

Oak timber on the other hand has numerous benefits. American Oak is a hard and heavy wood which is slow growing, resulting in a dense structure. This makes Oak an ideal timber to construct Dining Tables from as a dining table goes through a lot of wear and tear and it is much less likely to scratch or dent than Pine timber due to its hardy structure. The wood grain pattern of Oak timber also makes it an ideal choice for an Oak Dining Table as it looks like quality and feels like quality. Oak provides many other benefits including, less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight, good water resistant properties and stains and polishes well. All of these features of Oak timber show why Oak is such a popular item for the construction of our Oak Dining Tables, resulting in a product which is durable and long wearing, lasting to delight generations.

All of the above compounding factors mean that when you shop local with Woodwrights you receive a number of benefits that you would not find at your typical furniture retailer. These include investing in wooden tables that are constructed using sustainable solid timber that is hard wearing and practical, customisable sizes and materials and custom designs. Not only this, but you are also supporting local businesses which benefits the NZ economy and future generations to come.



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