Features and Benefits of Woodwrights Wooden Shelves, Custom Made in NZ

3 Jun 2020

Are you in search of handcrafted wooden shelves that are New Zealand made and crafted from sustainable sources?

We understand that purchasing furniture can be a big deal and you want to nail it the first time. Maybe you are after some wooden shelving but unsure whether you want corner shelves, a book shelf, a ladder shelf – there are so many different products out there that each provide their own unique features and benefits.

Here at Woodwrights we offer a range of wooden shelving products, such as floating wooden shelves, wooden bathroom shelves, wooden kitchen shelves, wooden corner shelves and ladder shelves. With our ability to custom make we can provide you with exactly what you need to ensure your needs are met and you are satisfied.

To help make your life easier, we have created a series of blogs on why you should invest in our custom NZ made wooden furniture, such as wooden shelves and the features and benefits that we provide that set us apart from any other furniture retailer.

1. Wooden Wall Shelves and Wooden Bookshelves – What’s the better choice for my space?

You may think a shelf is a shelf. Well, not exactly. Each area of your home has a different purpose and thus requires different furniture pieces to meet the need. A common area that requires shelving is a lounge or library room. Maybe you are a record collector who has a whole stash of valuable records and collectibles that need a home where they can be proudly displayed. Or maybe you are a bookworm that has a collection of novels and chapter books that need organisation. This is where wooden bookshelves come in handy. We offer a range of wooden bookshelves such as such as our Dom Bookcase for a more modern, Scandinavian inspired look or our Regency Bookcase for a more traditional, classic look. Or maybe you have a specific design in mind that you just cant seem to find anywhere. This is where our bespoke furniture services come in handy. Whether you have specific sizing requirements or a particular design in mind, we can collaborate with you to come up with the perfect wooden book shelves to suit your needs.

Maybe you aren’t wanting a stand alone wooden bookshelf, but rather a wooden wall shelf which can be custom built into a particular space as built in cabinetry. This is particularly common for Library areas which have been specially designed with the purpose of storing books and valuables in mind. We can create bespoke wooden wall shelving which fits perfectly into your space, creating a seamless fit. Perhaps you are wondering how you are going to install the wooden wall shelves into your space? Don’t worry we have got you covered. We have a friendly team of delivery staff who are more than happy to do all the heavy lifting and installing so the only thing you will have to do is have the delight of placing your items onto your beautiful brand new wooden shelving! Wooden wall shelves aren’t just great for organizing books or records, they also provide the opportunity to display your beautiful ornaments or antiques – which means you are provided with a multi-purpose furniture piece which has multiple functions.

2. Floating Wood Shelves, Wooden Bathroom Shelves and Wooden Kitchen Shelves – What area of my home requires shelving?

Are you after something a little more unique than just a typical wooden book shelf? An increasingly popular shelving item that is ideal for any space is floating wood shelves. Floating wood shelves come with numerous benefits. These include a cleaner and streamline look, easy to install and adding personality. Traditional wooden shelving cabinets can often be overpowering and chunky due to the amount of wood and the size. On the other hand, floating wood shelves are made using a plank of solid wood and brackets to support and hold them against the wall. This results in shelving which has a much more streamline and minimalistic look, making it a versatile choice for any style home. Unlike larger wooden shelving cabinets, floating wood shelves are much more lightweight and require less time and skill to install. With the help of some step by step instructions provided by us or a quick YouTube tutorial, you will be able to install your shelves like an absolute DIY pro! One of the most effective ways to give your house character and stand out from the rest is adding some personality. Floating wood shelves are a great provider for adding personality. A simple display of art or personal memorabilia such as trophies and medals on your floating shelves can bring a huge amount of character to your space.

Do you have a bathroom space that needs an injection of character? Create wooden bathroom shelves from floating wood shelves as a place to store bathroom essentials such as towels or as a place to perch ornaments to add some character and keep them out of the way from getting knocked over or damaged by water.

Or do you have a kitchen space that desperately needs organising but you don’t want your typical kitchen cabinets. Use floating wood shelves as wooden kitchen shelves for a stylish yet practical aesthetic. Display all your jars of dry baking goods on your wooden kitchen shelves for a clean organised look. Or maybe you have a range of ceramic serving ware or glasses that need a home. Use your wooden kitchen shelves as a way to display your favourite serving ware.

Depending on the size of your space, we can customise your floating wood shelves, wooden bathroom shelves or wooden kitchen shelves to any length you desire to find the perfect fit.

3. Wooden Corner Shelf and Floating Corner Shelf – Do I require shelving to create more of a feature art piece in my home?

Wooden corner shelves are a fantastic way to use up ‘dead’ space which often doesn’t have a purpose in a home. Maybe you live in a modern apartment in the middle of the city where there isn’t much space for bigger furniture items. Wooden corner shelves or floating corner shelves are an ideal way to store items or display your favourite ornaments and save space at the same time.

Maybe you are an artist who wants a small space dedicated to displaying their favourite models or art pieces. Use your wooden corner shelf to display art and make it more of a feature piece rather than a standard furniture shelf.

Or maybe you have created a home office space in your apartment that needs a bit of greenery to bring it to life. Floating corner shelves are a fantastic opportunity to drape living plants from to create a small natural haven within your room and connect to the outdoors, especially if you live an apartment with no garden or outdoor spaces.

There are so many uses for wooden corner shelves or floating corner shelves, particularly in more of an artistic and creative way then the function of your typical wooden shelving.

You can customise your wooden corner shelving or floating corner shelving by selecting from your choice of sustainable solid American Oak or American Ash timber. These come with a wide range of finish options so you can find the perfect colour to suit your interior décor. Maybe you want a Black Ash finish for a modern, edgy look or maybe you want Blonde Oak finish for a Scandinavian, natural finish or maybe you are more traditional and want something classic like Dark Ash. The options to customise your wooden corner shelves and floating corner shelves are limitless – let your creative mind run wild!

4. Ladder Shelves – Do I have a compact space that requires organisation?

Often when space is limited in a home, extra cabinetry such as solid wooden shelving can take up a lot of room making it feel cluttered and overpowering. Ladder shelves are a vertical row of shelves that appear to be an A-ladder, with moderate modifications. They usually come in 5 tier heights with each shelf gradually getting larger as they go down, similar to a staircase formation. Maybe you are a stay-at-home dad who needs a space to store all his tools in the Garage or maybe you are a designer who lives in a high-rise apartment which has limited space. Use ladder shelving to store ornaments as well as any essentials such as office equipment. The opportunities with ladder shelving are endless. We can craft ladder shelving using solid American Ash or American Oak in the finish of your choice or you can also select from a range of composite materials such as glass, powder coated metal or Caesarstone for a modern edgy look.

All of the above compounding factors mean that when you shop local with Woodwrights you receive a number of benefits that you would not find at your typical retailer. These include investing in a range of wooden shelves that are constructed using sustainable solid timber, designed and created each with a specific space and need in mind, and fully customisable to ensure they meet your exact requirements.



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