Features and Benefits of Woodwrights Wooden Desks, Custom Made in NZ

3 Jun 2020

As more and more people transition to working from home into the foreseeable future due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so does the demand for the correct home office furniture to create a productive working space. Are you tired of working from your makeshift office desk on the dining table? Are you in need of a desk that supports you with the correct ergonomics? Are you after a modern computer desk that is both stylish and functional? There are so many different requirements depending on the type of job you do. This is why we have created a blog to explain our different wooden desks and their features and benefits for you.

Here at Woodwrights, we offer a range of wooden desks, such as Oak Desks, Maple Desks, Ash Desks, Wooden office and computer desks, Modern desks and Floating desks. We can also create completely bespoke desk designs depending on your needs. This is what sets us apart from all those other ‘off the shelf suppliers’ who don’t have the ability to customise their products to meet your needs.

1. Wooden Desks

So many ‘off the shelf’ desks are cheaply constructed using cheap materials that do not last to stand the test of time. At Woodwrights we believe in using materials that are sourced from sustainable sources. This is why we only use American Ash, American White Oak and American Maple from FSC certified forests. By using solid timber to construct our wooden desks, we are creating a product that is durable and hard wearing, lasting to delight generations.

If chipped or scratched from regular wear or tear, the wooden desks can easily be repaired by sanding back and re-staining and voila! Just like that you have a desk that looks as good as new!

You can customise your timber by selecting from a range of stain colour options to create the perfect style for your home. If you are after a natural Scandinavian look for your wooden desk, opt for a Clear Oak finish which allows the natural beauty of the timber to be the star. Or if you are after a more timeless look, opt for a Milano Walnut Ash finish which provides a lovely warmth while also allowing the natural pattern of the grain to shine through. Cant quite find the perfect timber finish for your wooden desk? We can also create bespoke stain finishes to suit your requirements or match existing furniture pieces that are in the same space.

You can also customise the size, width, depth and height of your desk depending on what your requirements are. Maybe you want a desk that allows you to work standing up. Maybe you want a desk that is narrow enough to fit your laptop while not taking up too much space. Maybe you want to add a drawer beneath the desk top to allow for all your work papers and documents and keep the top clutter free. There are so many ways you can customise your wooden desk to ensure it is just right for you. And what is more, we also offer a Lifetime Guarantee for every piece of solid wood furniture sold by Woodwrights!

2. Oak Desks, Maple Desks and Ash Desks

There are so many different varieties of solid wood that each have a different function. Our three predominant timbers are American Oak, American Maple and American Ash. We can construct our wooden desks from any three of the timbers. To help you decide which timber is best for you, we have provided some explanations below.

Oak Desks

American Oak grows broadly across the eastern half of the United States. It is a ring porous species with a characteristic strong grain and rays. Due to its density, American Oak is a durable hardwood. This makes it a great option for Oak desks which will be used for not only holding a laptop or tablet but also extra pressure such as writing or sketching. Maybe you are an architect or designer who does a lot of physical content creation as well as electronic and need a desk that is stylish, sturdy and longwearing – the Oak desk is the one for you. Due to its visible wavy grain, Oak has a distinctive look which looks great with a clear finish to highlight the grain – perfect for all you solid timber desk lovers!

Maple Desks

American Maple grows widely throughout eastern USA. Maple is very similar to hard maple and is generally consistent in colour. American Maple is generally straight-grained, making it a great choice for any style of desk. Maybe you aren’t a fan of the heavy woodgrain look and after something a little more neutral for your wooden desk. A Maple desk would be a great base for a white wash or black finish for a more modern and on-trend look. Maple is also a more affordable option than Oak and is also ultra-durable. It can take a beating and a lot of wear and tear and remain looking great for years to come.

Ash Desks

American Ash is grown in the Appalachian Mountains on the Est Coast of the USA. It is fairly hard, heavy and tough. It features a light coloured, nearly white sapwood and is part of the olive tree family. American Ash accounts for around 50% of our solid timber products due to its character of appearance and value for money. American Ash is a great base for Ash desks as it takes on any stain finish beautifully, providing a quality finish. Like the other two timbers, Ash is a dense wood which has very good resistance to daily wear and tear. American Ash can often be used to mimic the look of Oak timber due to their similar characteristics but the advantage is that Ash is a more affordable option. Whether you are wanting a more traditional style desk or more modern and edgy, American Ash is the ideal base.

3. Wooden Office and Computer Desks

Are you an employee working from home and in search of a good wooden office or computer desk to suit your working needs? We custom make both wooden office desks and wooden computer desks to meet your requirements. Do you need drawer storage beneath your wooden office desk to store all your files? Do you need a wooden office desk with a hinging lid that allows for storage of items beneath and a place for you to sit your laptop above? Do you need a wooden office desk built into existing cabinetry? Or do you need a specific wooden computer desk that provides a designated space for you to use your computer during the day and doubling as a console table when not in use? There are so many different types of wooden office desks and computer desks that we can provide you. Just get in contact with our friendly team here at Woodwrights and we will work with you to create the wooden office desk or wooden computer desk of your dreams!

4. Modern Desks

We understand that it can often be hard to find a desk that is both functional and stylish. Maybe you have a modern city apartment or studio and are searching for a modern office desk or computer desk. We provide a wide range of modern products on our website such as the Macy, Ludo, Vienna and Amber, all which can be easily adapted into a modern desk design by customizing a few features and adding specific elements. Or we can also create completely bespoke modern desk designs from scratch. We don’t just offer desks constructed from solid wood. We also offer a range of composite options such as powder coated metal, Caesarstone and glass. You could create a modern desk that features a solid wood top with a sleek powder coated metal base design. Or maybe you want a desk which features an elegant glass top and a solid wood base. Or maybe you want a Caesarstone top with a quirky intersecting metal base design. There are so many ways you can combine different materials for a look which is modern, edgy and sophisticated while remaining durable and long wearing.

5. Floating desk and wall mounted desk

If you are limited on space, floating desks and wall mounted desks can be a great space saving option. You may have heard of floating shelves but floating desks are also a thing! Floating or wall mounted desks come with many advantages. These include space saving, easy to install, cost effective and stylish.

Floating or wall mounted desks are going to give you more space to work for. They aren’t practical for every work purpose but if you are predominantly just using a computer or laptop they are ideal due to their streamline, compact design. They can also hold other items such as plants for a pop of greenery, knickknacks or any other items that simply would not have any place to be without the shelves. Floating or wall mounted desks are also very easy to install. With the help of our instructions and a few sturdy wall mounted brackets your desk will be up before you can blink! They are very sturdy and are designed to take a substantial amount of weight – maybe don’t sit on it though!

Due to the amount of items used to create floating or wall mounted desks and the labour required, they are much more cost effective option than other wooden desk products. You also save money on installation as this is something which you can easily install at home without much assistance at all – if any! Often large wooden desks can look clunky and not very appealing. Due to the modern streamline aesthetic of floating or wall mounted desks, they are both stylish and practical.

All of the above compounding factors mean that when you shop local with Woodwrights for your wooden desk, you receive a number of features and benefits that you would not find at your typical furniture retailer. These include investing in wooden desks that are constructed from a number of different solid timbers, a wide range of desk styles depending on your need and the ability to create your own desk design from scratch using the dimensions and materials of your choice. Not only this but you are also supporting local businesses which benefits the NZ economy and future generations to come.



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