Features and Benefits of Woodwrights Wooden Bedside Table and Wood Side Tables

27 May 2020

- Are you in search of a handcrafted wooden bedside table or wooden side table to accompany an existing furniture piece,  finished in a colour to match your current decor?

- Are you in search of a wooden bedside table that is New Zealand made, crafted to the right height to match your bed?

- Are you in search of a wooden side table that is made from Solid timber to a specific size?

These requirements can often be hard to find when purchasing a wooden bedside table or wooden side table from an ‘off the shelf’ retailer.

Here at Woodwrights, we offer all of the above plus more. We offer a range of custom made wooden bedside tables and side tables. With our customisation abilities, we can provide you with exactly what you need to ensure your requirements are met and you are 100% satisfied.

To make your life easier, we have created a series of blogs on custom NZ made wooden furniture.

Below are 3 important factors to consider when choosing what style of wooden bedside or side tables will best suit your requirements.

1. Wooden Bedside Tables – What material do I want my table constructed from?

2. Bedside Cabinets – Do I need any additional storage or user functionality options? What height is my bed and therefore what height does my bedside table need to be?

3. Wooden Side Tables – What style best suits my space?

See below for further detail around each consideration factor, to help ensure you receive the best wooden bedside table or wooden side table solution for your space:

1. Wooden Bedside Tables – What material do I want my table constructed from?

There are so many options when it comes to selecting a material to construct your bedside table from. Here at Woodwrights, we predominantly craft our wooden furniture pieces, such as wooden bedside tables from sustainable solid timber. Using sustainable solid timber such as American Ash, American Oak or American Maple comes with many benefits. One of our most popular timber options is American Oak. 

Oak bedside tables are a popular choice when it comes to modern or Scandinavian inspired designs. Oak timber is a hard and heavy wood which is slow growing, resulting in a dense structure that is hard wearing. This makes Oak the ideal choice for a bedside table as they can often get a lot of daily wear and tear from placing glasses of water, lamps or books on them. In the unlikely occurrence that your bedside table got a scratch or dent, it can easily be re-sanded and polished and before you know you have a bedside table that looks good as new! The stunning grain pattern of Oak timber makes it the perfect choice for a clear finish stain which showcases the natural beauty of the table. This makes Oak bedside tables the perfect selection for a modern or Scandinavian inspired bedroom space.

Or maybe you want a coloured finish on your bedside table such as White. White bedside tables have become extremely popular due to their versatility and timeless appeal. The neutral colour makes it the ideal choice for any style bedroom space. There are so many different styles you could do with a white bedside table, from French country style to modern minimalist style. Our American Ash timber is the perfect choice for a coloured stain bedside table due to its more subtle timber grain pattern. It still has the same durable and hardwearing features as Oak timber but at a more affordable price.

Our range of materials doesn’t just end at solid timber. We also offer a selection of composite materials such as Caesarstone, Powder coated metal and Glass. Why not have the best of both worlds and combine solid timber with another material! You could create a bedside table with a solid timber base and a sleek marble top. Or maybe a wooden base with a glass top for a minimal look – there is so much versatility available with our wide range of materials and finishes.

2. Bedside Cabinets – Do I need any additional storage or user functionality options?

Although the trends may show that bedside tables without drawers are becoming increasingly popular, some of you may want a bedside cabinet that has additional storage or other functionality options.

Are you a person who loves organisation and doesn’t like the look of a cluttered space? Bedside tables can often get crowded with the addition of a glass of water, lamp, novel or reading glasses. The addition of drawers makes a bedside cabinet the ideal place to store these objects, giving your cabinet a neat and clean appearance. 

Or maybe you live in an apartment or small space where there is not a lot of storage. A bedside cabinet with drawers can double as a storage space for clothing items or even small electronic devices such as a tablet, laptop, headphones – you name it! There are many different storage uses for your bedside cabinet depending on your needs.

Are you worried that drawers could make your cabinet too clunky or take up too much space? This is where our customisation abilities come in super handy. We can increase or decrease the width, height and depth of your bedside cabinet and drawers to ensure you get the perfect fit for your space. Maybe you only need one drawer for storing your glasses or favourite novel or maybe you need three drawers which double as clothes storage – there are many different ways you can customise to ensure your bedside cabinet is perfect for you.

3. Wooden Side Tables – What style best suits my space?

If you have been on the search for a side table you will know there is a dizzying array of shapes and styles our there, so it can be hard to settle on a look. When in doubt, think about the room the table is for. What is the existing furniture? Do you have a lot of upholstered pieces or bold quirky fabrics? You may want to offset the soft edges and visual texture with a more clean streamlined design such as our Cindy Side Table. Or maybe you have a space that has a lot of sharp lines and contrasting colours. You could offset this with more of a timeless rounded top side table, such as the Oska Side Table or Rona Over Table.

Maybe you have a space that requires something completely bespoke and unique. This is where our unique bespoke design process comes in handy. We can collaborate with you to create your own bespoke wooden side table. Come to us with your design inspiration and ideas and from there we will help you sketch and design your table. Once you’re happy with the table design we have discussed, a virtual render will be created to enable you to visualise your table. After you approve the design render, your table will then go through the manufacturing process right here in New Zealand, be carefully packaged and then dispatched to your front door.

All of the above compounding factors mean that when you shop local with Woodwrights you receive a number of benefits that you would not find at a typical retailer. These include investing in wooden bedside tables and side tables that are:

1. Constructed using sustainable solid timber.

2. Designed and created with your specific space and personal décor style in mind.

3. Fully customised to ensure they meet your exact requirements.

4. Sold with a Lifetime Guarantee.

At Woodwrights, we enjoy crafting quality furniture pieces that complement our client’s interiors and stand the test of time.

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