Customised Furniture vs Bespoke Made Furniture

31 Mar 2020

When it comes to furniture, the general perception is that custom made and bespoke furniture mean the same thing. Well, it is quite the opposite and you may be thinking, well what is the difference? Here at Woodwrights we provide customised furniture, as well as bespoke furniture so let us explain the difference between these two services.

The term “customised” means made or crafted to order for a particular customer to their specific, personal requirements. This could mean changing the size, timber, finish, handles or upholstery of one of our furniture pieces that we showcase on our existing website. For example, maybe you are interested in purchasing a sideboard for your living room, such as the Lume 2 Door 2 Drawer Sideboard but it just doesn’t quite meet your requirements. Maybe you want to remove the two middle drawers to create an open storage cavity, maybe you want to convert the doors to drawers to allow for extra DVD storage space, maybe it isn’t quite high enough for your TV. Or maybe you want to lengthen or shorten the length of the Sideboard to ensure it fits perfectly into your space. Here at Woodwrights we listen to your requirements and put them into action by discussing with our team of skilled furniture designers and craftsmen to ensure we can draft and model up your piece of furniture to meet your exact brief.

Many of our esteemed clients have a furniture vision that they either want made uniquely for them or can’t seem to find anywhere. At Woodwrights we take delight in crafting totally bespoke furniture pieces from scratch, that exceed our client’s expectations, above and beyond what they had envisioned. Bring your vision or sketch to us and we can collaborate with you and help you develop a furniture piece which is uniquely yours! From the initial design sketching to production, we keep you in the informed throughout the whole journey so you’re aware of the quality curated process behind crafting your item. Who knew you could get a chance to be the furniture designer! This process is something we are proud to provide and nothing gives us more of a buzz than seeing our client’s face light up with joy when the final product has been delivered and put into place.

Although these two processes have their differences, they also come with numerous similar benefits compared to purchasing a standard product off the shelf. These include:

- The perfect fit and maximum functionality

- Quality and durability

- Sustainable resources

The perfect fit and maximum functionality

While ready-made furniture can come with a number of choices such as colour, style and fabrics, the advantage of having customised or bespoke furniture means you will have a furniture piece which is one of a kind. You will have a heritage piece which is an accurate reflection of you and the style of your home.

Quality and durability

Contributing creatively is one major bonus when it comes to customised or bespoke furniture. With our skilled furniture designers and craftsmen, you’re given advice from extremely knowledgeable individuals. Our qualified team, like you want to see your furniture item come to life in a manner that not only exceeds your expectations in terms of its aesthetic style, but also in terms of its robust engineering. This results in a premium quality furniture piece which will last to delight generations and become an heirloom treasure.

Sustainable resources

At Woodwrights we believe in sourcing all of our materials from sustainable sources. For example we source only sustainable hardwoods, including American Ash, American Oak and Southland Maple Beech. This is because we are committed to minimising the environmental footprint and only using timber harvested from sustainably managed forests. We consciously choose to only use hardwoods, not softwoods to also ensure your furniture will last for years to come while remaining in premium condition.

Are you wanting a custom made or bespoke furniture piece? Contact us today and we will be more than delighted to assist you in creating that dream piece of furniture that you have been longing for!

At woodwrights we take delight in crafting totally bespoke furniture pieces from scratch, that exceed our client's expectations, above and beyond...



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