5 Benefits of Modular Sofas

9 Apr 2019

1. Do you find that furniture can easily overpower a room and make it look too cluttered or chunky?

2. Are you in search of that perfect fitting furniture piece for your house or apartment, but just can’t find it? 

3. Are you tired of not being able to regularly change out your furniture as seasons change?

These concerns are something we regularly hear from our discerning customers here at Woodwrights. So we decided to take these concerns on board and create the ideal solutions – the new Woodwrights Modular Sofa collections: The Tokyo and Ara collections.

Below are the design inspirations for these designer sofa collections...

The Tokyo Collection is inspired by the minimalism of Japanese design. Featuring an exposed timber frame, plush feather and pearl cushions and countless configurations – the Tokyo is bound to please.

The Ara Collection, designed in collaboration with prominent NZ designer Amy Jo Tennent of Milo + Mitzy, speaks of chic relaxed luxury. Featuring a rattan inlaid chair back, deep plush feather and pearl seats and cushions, this sofa is the perfect addition to any space.

Now, let’s talk more about the benefits of Modular Furniture.

1. Quick change out of interior design. Change around your room with the seasons

As seasons change, we all like to change our clothing. Well, this is the same for interiors. Many of us love a re-shuffle of our interiors too. Whether it be the light and breezy minimalist look for Summer or a dark, moody and textured style for Winter, this can be challenging when it comes to large pieces of furniture.

With our Modular Sofa collections, you can change around the configurations to suit your seasonal décor. If you want something intimate and cosy for the Winter, our Tokyo Sofa C9 or C4, create a cosy nook where you can curl up and spend quality time with family and friends.

When it comes to those warm Summer days, you may want something more relaxed and breezy like our Ara Sofa. With its rattan inlaid back and plush feather and pearl seats, the Ara Sofa speaks of chic relaxed luxury. We all know that summer days call for a chilled refreshment such as your favourite cocktail or a premium NZ beer, so we have created the option of a fixed coffee table on the end of the Ara Sofa – genius right! This can also be used as a place to store your favourite books.
With countless configuration options available, you can easily choose what is right for you!

2. Multi-functional. Easily change a corner sofa into a 3-seater and more

Do you sometimes feel like you need slightly more room to accommodate family and friends, but you don’t really have space for another whole sofa? This is where our modular sofas come in handy. With countless configuration options available you can choose the size you require! Our Tokyo collection has 8 different sofa options which are configured to create the perfect sofa for you. Whether you are a smaller family wanting something compact and cosy, the Tokyo C2 is the sofa for you. Or maybe you are a group of young professionals who love to entertain family and friends, needing something larger and more interactive, the Tokyo C8 or C9 is the ideal solution. With the Tokyo Collection, there is a sofa designed for everyone.

3. Tailoring to your needs. Our furniture can be custom made to fit your space

You may be thinking, I really love that configuration option, but it is just a tad too big for my space. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We tailor to your needs with our customisation flexibility. This includes creating custom made furniture to fit your space perfectly. Whether you want to make the sofa deeper or change the length, height or width, it can be done! If you have a specific space that you need a custom made sofa or piece of furniture for, simply contact one of our friendly sales team here at Woodwrights who have the skills and experience to help you create your ideal sofa.

We tailor to your needs with our customisation flexibility.

4. Adaption to different rooms. Change the modular furniture make up to complement your different spaces

We all know different rooms in your home have a different purpose and function, therefore requiring different furniture pieces. With our Ara Modular Sofas, you can adapt the configuration to complement your specific space. Whether you want a 3-seater sofa for your living space where you spend time relaxing and winding down with family after a hard day’s work, a chaise for lying in the sun or maybe you have a grande entertaining space where you like to host formal gatherings are needing a corner sofa which is larger and more interactive. You can choose to use the Ara Sofa as a 3-seater and separate chaise or to join both pieces together to achieve a large corner sofa. It is interchangeable for your space. 

5. No restrictions. You state your furniture requirements, we make you your ideal modular pieces to match

Customisation doesn’t just stop with configuration options. Whatever your requirements are, we can make your ideal modular pieces to match. Maybe you are needing an ottoman or pouf to go with your modular sofa or an occasional chair to match your sofa collection. If you have any specifications, have a chat to one of our sales team and they can work with you to bring your design vision to life.

You can even customise the fabric or timber finish to suit your interior space perfectly. In case you didn’t already know, you can choose your timber and finish on our website by clicking on the drop down boxes under the product. Select from your choice of solid American Ash or American Oak timber available in 20 different finish options. Whether you want something lighter and more natural such as Clear Oak or something with a bit more contrast and ‘pop’ such as Black Ash, we have got you covered. You can also customise the upholstery of your sofa. If you want something natural like an earthy, organic linen or something a bit more luxurious and masculine like a premium aged leather, you can select your perfect fabric - available from our range of luxury fabric house suppliers.

Now you have an insight into just a few of the multiple benefits of Woodwrights' modular furniture, check out our modular furniture collections now to find out more.



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