8 Handy Tips For Creating The Perfect Home Office

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29 Apr 2020

As more and more people transition to remote or flexible work from home to combat the spread of COVID-19, the demand for creating a designated home office space where you can completely zone out and work productively has increased significantly. Working from home brings numerous benefits including fewer distractions, less commute stress, less overall noise and a more personal space. (That is, depending on if you have children and many others in your home while you’re working in your ‘new’ home office, of course).

We understand, working from home can also be distracting if you don’t have the perfect home office set up.

To help you combat distractions and stay productive, we have put together 8 handy tips to enable you to create the perfect remote working space to help you optimize your efficiency and maintain a good work-life balance.

1. Location

Location, location, location! The first step in creating your home office is selecting the right location.  The location of your office will determine how productive you are.  When selecting the location, consider noise and traffic factors. For example, if your office is close to the street you may find yourself counting how many passers by walk by the window or getting distracted by noisy traffic. You don’t just have to consider the traffic outside your home but also inside! If you plan to work in your office when the rest of your family is at home, an office situated close to the kitchen, bathroom or lounge means you could have a lot of visitors coming in and out and be easily distracted by nearby sounds. Or maybe you are close to the laundry and soon as the washing machine beeps you are off to put on a new load of clothes. There are so many little factors that make it too easy to get distracted so select your location wisely.

2. Equipment

Speed and efficiency are critical when it comes to working from home. Slow internet connection is not only frustrating but also massively hinders productivity. While you wait for attachments to download, files to transfer or web pages to load, you could be getting work done. One study revealed that, on average, workers waste a full week each year waiting on their Internet connection to respond – think how much work could have been completed in that time!!! So, investigate a wireless hub for your office so you have the flexibility to work on your laptop from your desk, office chair or office table at both standing and sitting heights. This simple solution can enhance your creative problem solving and thinking ability.

Ensure you have a separate phone line diverted to your mobile or another phone in your office so no business associate or client gets a busy signal and you know when the call is business related.

When considering your equipment, don’t forget the humble mouse and keyboard! These devices are often overlooked with the focus on flashier, technical equipment, yet they also play a crucial part in office productivity.

For keyboards, try using mechanical keyboards. While they might be noisy, they offer incomparable typing comfort.  For your mouse, one size does not fit all! Choose something that fits your hand comfortably. A gaming computer mouse is often a comfortable choice, though they do tend to be on the pricier side. Avoid a small travel mouse (unless you have a petite sized hand), as they are uncomfortable for extended use and could cause hand cramping and other issues.

3. Lighting

When selecting your home office location, also consider lighting factors. Studies show that people who work in natural light are more productive, absorb more Vitamin D, sleep better at night and have fewer eye problems. Not only does natural light have many physical benefits, it also can significantly improve your mood. If lighting levels are too low for example, this can have negative psychological effects. And if you need another reason to put your home office in a location that allows natural light in, it can also lower your electrical bill – remember every dollar counts in times like these!

If no natural light is available, a combination of general and task lighting will be required. A high-quality task light will be essential for late nights or cloudy days. The most effective lighting brings out the fullest quality of the colours. For human comfort, a yellow-cast illumination is best. To avoid glare, don’t place your overhead lighting directly above computer screens and don’t put a computer screen directly in from of a light source as this can cause eyestrain and difficulty seeing your screen.

4. Select the correct desk

One of the most crucial factors when creating your home office is selecting the correct office desk for your designated space. Based on your personal preference, working style or the tasks you need to do, choose an office desk that that allows you to work efficiently.

Think about the size, style and functionality of your space. Maybe you require a custom made built-in desk, a multi-purpose work station, an ultra slim compact desk, a desk with extra storage or an office desk that looks aesthetically pleasing or a stand up desk.

Built-in Desk


A good idea for home office furniture is to have it integrate with other furniture pieces. This is particularly a good choice when your home office is located in your bedroom, as your desk could easily switch functions and become a dressing table, when required. A simple desk top placed over cabinets with shelving units above would work well but ensure there are adequate power fittings before placing your furniture.


Maybe you have a slot in between cabinets which would be the perfect location to install a desk and create a little desk nook. At Woodwrights, we can create stunning custom-made desks and office furniture, so if you are after a built-in desk, we are more than happy to help bring your vision to life.

Multi-purpose Work Station


If you have more than one family member working from home, then you will need more than one desk or a desk that is large enough for several people to sit at without rubbing shoulders! A triangular desk arrangement makes for cooperative working space but can eat up a lot of extra floor space which we don’t usually have. A more simple solution is a long shared office desk space with individual filing cabinets or drawer units in-between to break up the desk into individual stations. Or you could do smaller office desks divided by a stylish custom made divider which we could custom make in the design of your choice to ensure you remain distraction free.

Ultra Slim Compact Desk


If you need a work space but live in a more compact area such as a high-rise apartment, an ultra slim desk is the obvious solution. This could be a small corner desk that slots into one of the corners of your room which can often just be wasted space. Or just a narrow desk leaner which is wide enough for you to fill out forms or use a tablet. The key is to select a desk that does not look like a workstation and can be integrated into the room as a sideboard or bench when it is not needed for an office desk. This way it ensures you are getting maximum use out of your office desk.

Desk with Extra Storage


Maybe you are limited on space and need a desk that also enables extra storage. Pull out desk units are a fantastic idea to offer extra space in the most stylish and practical way. Pull down, bureau-type desks are another good solution because they fold away neatly when the work day is done. This is particularly ideal if you work in your living room as no one wants to see a bulky office desk. You can go wild with your imagination to create a custom made storage unit/pull down desk, the options are endless!

Modern Scandinavian Desk

Or maybe you are an interior designer or one of those trendy bloggers who wants a desk out of the ordinary. Something that is a piece of art and adds that wow factor to your home office space. Go big or go home right?! Desks don’t have to be boring or standard. You can custom design your very own office desk at Woodwrights that suits your design brief. Maybe you want a desk with a funky base design or a uniquely shaped desk top. Or maybe you want a desk made with a marble top and sleek powder coated metal base – the possibilities are endless!

Stand Up Desk


There is research that shows sitting for extended periods of time is bad for your health and can cause bad posture habits. This explains the reason behind the trending office stand up desks. A standing desk can improve productivity, focus and heart health. At Woodwrights, we can custom make a stand up desk to perfectly fit your space and your height as we know one size doesn’t always fit all.

5. Invest in a comfortable chair

With an office desk, you obviously need an office chair. A comfortable computer chair is the heart of a productive home office. Considering you will spend nearly half your day sitting on it, investing in a office chair with correct ergonomics will make a huge difference to your productivity.


To find the right fit, pay attention to the back height, thigh and arm support of the office chair. You need to make sure your office chair is providing optimum support for you to prevent any future back or posture problems.


Depending on the floor surface of your home office, you may require a computer chair with swivel castors which make manoeuvring your computer chair a whole lot easier. Or maybe you are on a thicker carpet surface which requires an office chair with a sled base design or traditional legs.


At Woodwrights we can custom make office and desk chairs to suit your exact needs. With a wide range of upholstery options available, from velvet to leather, you can create an office chair which is both functional and stylish. We also offer a 7 year frame warranty and a 10 year warranty on foam so you can be assured that in the unlikely case that an issue arises, we will be more than happy to help solve it.

6. Avoid clutter

It has been said that a clear work space creates a clear mind. This is why it is crucial to ensure your office desk remains clutter free. Instead of cluttering your office desk with the chaos of disorganized piles, find storage systems to organize your items. Many solutions are simple and inexpensive such as pencil cups or trays to keep all your writing instruments in one place, or memo and business card holders so there is a home for everything. Use file dividers and holders to place all your work papers and documents in a neat and organized manner. Using an efficient storage system will not only make your office space look tidy and work-ready, but it will also save you time which could be wasted sifting through piles to find the correct documents.

7. Go green

Home office spaces can often look boring and sterile. Greenery helps bring the outside indoors and provides a calming ambience for your space. Place small plants or greenery on your office desk or on floating shelves above your office desk to add a pop of colour and visual appeal. We are often very caught up looking at our computer and phone screens, so having that green aspect is easy on the eyes and helps us feel connected with the zen of nature. Maybe you aren’t the living plant type. That is ok because these days there are endless artificial plants available 

8. Personalise

A home office is the perfect place to add personal touches to make your work space feel special and relatable. Maybe it is photographs of your loved ones or pets, your favourite scented candle, a stylish calendar or your favourite artwork. There are endless opportunities to add personal accents to your space and make it “yours”. Having these souvenirs and memories available at a glance can inspire you to keep working hard and stay focused so you can maintain your current lifestyle.

At Woodwrights we offer bespoke made furniture products which are all handcrafted to perfection by our team of skilled craftsmen in the sunny Motueka at the top of the South Island. We believe in only sourcing our premium quality timber from sustainable forests which are FSC certified. We construct our furniture such as office desks, office furniture, corner desks and other bespoke items from solid American Ash and American Oak timber. These timbers come in a wide range of finishes from Clear Oak for a more Scandinavian inspired look to Grey Wash Ash for a more timeless classic look. You can even get a custom colour made up to match your existing furniture pieces or create the perfect colour for your space. Or maybe you don’t just want standard timber – at Woodwrights we also offer a range of materials such as glass, Caesarstone and powder coated metal so you can create something truly unique such as an office desk with a timber pedestal base with a glass top.

We hope these handy tips have given you great starting points to create your dream home office, in the most affordable and practical way. Make the space your own. Ensure that your office reflects you and is a place where you are delighted to work.

Here at Woodwrights we are here to help you bring your home office dreams to life, with our custom made furniture service. Whatever question or requirement you have, feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to help you.



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