10 Benefits Of Custom Made Furniture

14 Nov 2019

As our needs become more specific when it comes to furniture purchasing, it can often be difficult to find exactly what we’re are after when purchasing standard ‘off the shelf’ furniture. This is why we custom make all of our furniture to order, catering to your exact specifications so you can be assured that your chosen furniture is exactly what you are looking for. 

Below are a few of the benefits that come with custom made furniture from Woodwrights:

1. Within our online furniture store you can select different timber and finish options, and have your new look furniture piece appear instantaneously.

Do you require your furniture in a black ash finish for a more masculine look or clear oak for a more natural look but having trouble visualizing exactly how it will look? On our website, we provide real-time renders of exactly how your furniture will look in any timber or finish. Simply click on the drop down timber and finish options, choose option your desired finish and bingo! Your new look furniture piece will appear right before your eyes. This gives you the peace of mind by removing the sense of unknown and assuring you that you will receive exactly what you are looking for.

2. Guaranteed Quality Craftsmanship - Designer Furniture NZ made, sold with a Lifetime Warranty

When you invest in handcrafted custom-made solid timber furniture from Woodwrights, you receive a lifetime guarantee with your furniture. This is because our team of highly skilled craftsmen take pride in crafting each piece of custom furniture to the highest standard possible, ensuring it is of premium quality. From selecting the quality, sustainably sourced hardwood timber to polishing the finished product, every detail throughout the manufacturing process is completed with an extreme attention to detail, as we believe the difference is in the detail. 

3. Solid Wood Furniture that is hard wearing – Quality Beech, Ash or Oak Furniture made to stand the test of time

At Woodwrights, we believe in only using solid timber such as Southland Maple Beech, American Ash or American Oak to craft our custom-made furniture. The reason that the solid hardwoods we use are so hard wearing is because they are sourced from slow growing trees. This means the trees’ cellular structure is a lot denser compared to fast growing softwoods. Not only is solid hardwood timber more hard wearing, but also nothing replaces the look of genuine timber. The nature of solid timber gives our custom furniture pieces a beautiful natural grain pattern which is unique in every single piece of furniture we create, making it truly bespoke for you. 

4. Finished in the exact stain required to complement your décor - stained to the exact colour you specify

There is no such thing as only one stain colour these days. At Woodwrights we have over 20 finish options you can choose from to complement your décor perfectly. Whether you want a charcoal stain for a more dramatic look or a natural stain for a more minimalistic look, you are guaranteed to find the perfect colour for your custom furniture piece. Or maybe you have existing pieces of furniture that you need your new bespoke piece to match to but just can’t find quite what you are after. We can create a special stain just for you by mixing various colours to create a colour match that will ensure your custom furniture piece will fit seamlessly into your space. 

5. Made to fit your Space - With custom furniture makers, you can receive the exact sizes you require

Everyone has different size spaces that require different sized furniture. When purchasing from a ‘mainstream’ furniture store, it is very difficult and rare to find somebody who will custom make the furniture to the size you require. This can often lead to the furniture looking too clunky and over sized for the space or on the other hand, it gets swallowed up by the size of the room. However, this is not a problem here at Woodwrights. We can custom make your furniture piece to the exact size you require, ensuring it perfectly into your space. Whether you want it slightly longer, deeper, taller, wider – we can do it all. Get in touch with our friendly team and we will be more than happy in assisting you with creating the perfect size furniture.

6. Tailored for you – Custom made furniture can be designed to meet your specific brief

Maybe you are an interior designer working with a specific design brief for an interior space but cannot find the perfect piece of furniture to complement the design. We offer a range of premium crafted furniture collections, in addition we also can custom make any piece of furniture just for you. Whether you have a sketch of what you are wanting or have found inspiration from Pinterest or a Design Magazine, we will collaborate with you to come up with a furniture piece that is tailored just for you. This gives you a cool point of difference as no one else has the bespoke furniture piece that you have created.

7. Environmentally sustainable practices– When you purchase furniture made from sustainably sourced timber, you’re also acting in an environmentally conscious manner

Many furniture pieces from importers or large-scale furniture suppliers can often be constructed using cheap timber which is not always sustainably sourced causing harm to the environment and also to our endangered species. At Woodwrights, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint which is why we source our timber sustainably from only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited forests. When purchasing a custom-made furniture piece from us here at Woodwrights as you are entering into environmentally sustainable practices.

8. Extra Versatility – Many multi-functional furniture pieces are available and interchangeable between rooms

Who said a furniture piece can only be used in one particular room? At Woodwrights we offer many multi-functional furniture pieces which can be used for various different purposes in different spaces. The Lino Desk, for example, can be used for more than just a desk. With its sleek design and hinging lid, the Lino Desk can be used as a workstation and place to store items, likewise you can shut the lid and use the desk as an occasional table or console table to display ornaments and family treasures. Our modular sofas, such as the Frankton Sofa can also be used in various configurations to suit your space. Use all the pieces together to create one large modular couch for lounging or separate the chaise from the couch and use as a daybed in a bedroom or sun lounge. This shows that with Woodwrights custom furniture, you are provided with more than just a standard furniture piece, rather, something that you can interchange between different rooms seamlessly. 

9. Heirloom furniture to pass through generations – sharing memories and priceless pieces

Buying furniture is often very personal . Furniture you’re especially proud of can often grow in sentimental value to you over time. Many furniture items wear out very quickly due to daily wear and tear. This is not the case with Woodwrights furniture items as we believe in crafting furniture to delight generations. Due to Woodwrights custom made furniture being constructed from premium materials your furniture is guaranteed that it will last for years to come. No longer is it just a piece of furniture, it is an heirloom piece, carrying priceless memories, that deserves to be treasured and cared for.

10. Post purchase service – is only ever a phone call or email away to one of our friendly staff in NZ

We believe customer service does not end once the furniture is sent out. At Woodwrights, we provide post purchase service to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the purchase of your custom-made furniture piece. From delivery to advising on the maintenance of your furniture, one of our friendly staff here at Woodwrights is always happy to assist you in any way possible. We are only ever a phone call or email away. After all, our clients come first for us at Woodwrights and nothing delights us more than  satisfaction with our furniture and service.



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